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tank pumping

Septic Tank Pumping

Having a septic system for your home or business can be a real money saver, freeing you from municipal sewer bills and putting you firmly in control of your property. But part of owning a septic system is maintaining it properly, and that means regular pumping to ensure that everything is working the way it should.

sewer cleaning

Sewer Cleaning

The sewer pipes in your home or business can become clogged with all types of debris, and over time, that sludge can build up and create a total blockage. From cooking grease to sanitary wipes, this debris can harm your sewer pipes and cause all sorts of problems. We will diagnose the problem fast, remove the blockage.

drain fields remediation

Drain Field Remediation

The drain field remediation experts at Rooter Express can diagnose all kinds of drain field problems, and we can provide you with all the information you need to make an intelligent and informed decision. We can also give you tips for spotting drain field problems in the future, so you can act quickly and save yourself a lot of money.

septic repair

Septic Repair

When it comes to septic repair services, quality counts, and Rooter Express has the experience and the expertise you need when time is of the essence. Whether your drain fields are leaking or the sludge in your septic tank has overwhelmed the system, we can get you back on track and protect your home and family.

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Welcome To Rooter Express – Septic Tank Services Near Me

septiccharlotte aboutSeptic systems require regular maintenance to work at peak performance, and Rooter Express NC services, inspects and fixes those in the greater Concord, NC area. Let our trained technicians ensure your underground septic network is problem-free.

Tank Pump

Having the tank pumped regularly keeps septic systems in top shape, since this element can easily build up with sludge, leading to costly repairs or extensive cleanup down the road. With the quick, convenient, and affordable Rooter Express pump service, you’ll never need to put off this task again. Remember, preventative maintenance helps avoid overflow, backup and environmental damage.

Sewer Line Service

If you have a sewer system instead, fear not. Our experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment can diagnose sewer line problems, as well (cleaning, unclogging, or replacing any necessary components).

Septic Component Service

For older septic systems that might fail easily, a comprehensive tank inspection is recommended. Whether it requires repair or replacement, we have the tools and techniques to get your system up to date.

Drain Field Service

As a crucial part of your septic system, the drain field draws wastewater from the tank, cleans and removes hazardous waste, and disperses the refined product into the ground. Our experts can regularly inspect your drain field and make repairs when necessary.

Rooter Express NC – Your Septic and Sewage System Masters

Located in Concord, NC, and serving customers throughout the state, we at Rooter Express NC pride ourselves on honest, efficient customer service. Our philosophy rests on total transparency with an emphasis on listening to your concerns, inspecting your septic system, and discussing all options before beginning repairs. More importantly, we provide free estimates on all projects. Call us at 919-823-6319 and let our experienced staff take care of you and your septic system or sewer lines today!

Sewer Line Maintenance and Replacement

Those inside municipalities must still maintain their sewer line, the pipe that directs waste and water from the home to the city’s system. Our highly-trained technicians can scope your sewer line, locate problems, and complete repairs with as little disturbance to your daily routine as possible.

Septic Component Repair

Septic systems involve several parts: lines from your home to the septic tank, the septic tank, and the drain field. We will inspect your system on a previously-approved maintenance schedule and repair or replace any malfunctioning elements.

Let Rooter Express NC Show You Why Customers Choose Us Over the Competition

Experience and training count most in the septic and sewer industry, and we have both. Rooter Express NC of Concord, NC can handle all your waste management needs, from maintenance and installation to diagnostics and repair. With a service area covering a large portion of the state, chances are high we can dispatch someone to your home with little downtime. If you are in need of septic tank services, call us at Charlotte: 704-800-3140, Raleigh: 919-823-6319 and see what meaningful customer service and quality work ethic look like!

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