Five Things You Should Never Put Into Your Septic System

Honestly, the stuff you shouldn’t put into your septic system shouldn’t be put into a municipal sewage system either, but let’s talk about septic tanks in this post. Your septic system is sensitive, and it can become a huge problem if not maintained properly. Rooter Express NC recommends you avoid flushing these five things down the toilet or drain.

1. Medication

Medicine can directly affect your septic system’s natural balance and should never be introduced into the groundwater. Medication can kill the good bacteria in your septic system and this is the bacteria that decontaminates and controls the waste. Rather than flush unused medication down the toilet, take it to your pharmacist for proper disposal.

2. Food Waste

Even if you have a garbage disposal, don’t use it with a septic system. Food waste, especially coffee grounds, can clog up your system. It’s best to put drain screens on all drains and dispose of food waste in the trash. Yes, some food waste is biodegradable, but if you use your garbage disposal every day, you’ll fill up your tank much faster.

3. Cat Litter

Even if your cat litter container says the litter can be flushed down the toilet don’t do it. Cat litter, especially clumping litter, will clog your septic system quicker than you can imagine. It’s better to invest in a cat litter disposal system. If you don’t want to spend the money on a portable disposal system, empty your cat’s litter into plastic bags and throw it in the trash.

4. Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals, especially bleach, will kill the good bacteria in your septic system. You should never flush these chemicals down your drain or toilet. It’s better to go green if your home has a septic system. Green cleaners are less harsh on the bacterial environment in your septic system but to be extra safe, you should probably dump your green cleaners in your yard.

5. Paper Other Than Septic Safe Paper

Only use septic-safe toilet paper in your home and never flush facial tissues or paper towels down the toilet. You should also make certain you avoid flushing tampons. Even though the manufacturers say it’s safe to flush these things down the toilet, they will not break down and will eventually plug up your system. The only thing going down your toilet should be septic-safe toilet paper.

Rooter Express NC services Charlotte, Gastonia, Concord and Monroe, NC. Call us if you suspect you have a septic issue. We’d be happy to inspect your system.

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