Five Winter Septic Problems To Avoid

As winter approaches, your septic system can become stressed due to factors like extremely cold temperatures, snow, ice, and even holiday guests. All of these factors can contribute to issues with your septic system, so it’s important that you’re aware of potential problems and how to avoid them. Read on for five common winter septic problems to avoid so you can enjoy your home throughout the season worry-free.

1. Your Tank Components Freeze

As frost and snow seep into the components of your septic system, it can cause things to freeze. This will slow down the rate of bacteria in your tank, resulting in waste that can’t be broken down. You can avoid this issue by adding an insulating cover to the tank or using material like soil or mulch. Run your water every day, and use hot water for things like the dishwasher to help reduce the odds of the system freezing.

2. Pipes are Not Functioning Properly

If your pipes are leaking or clogged, this can result in improper drainage and freezing water. Both of these issues can wreak serious havoc on your septic system. Wastewater can accumulate in your pipes and as temperatures drop, this waste also freezes. Avoid this problem by making sure there are no leaks anywhere in your home’s plumbing. Check for leaks before winter strikes and address any clogs or leaks you see as soon as possible.

3. Snow and Soil is Compacted

Whether you’re walking or driving over snow, it will compact the area located above your tank and/or drain field. Mix this with cold temperatures, and the soil becomes more dense and compact. When this happens, your tank can’t remain as insulated as it should be which can result in freezing. Aerate your soil before winter sets in, and try to avoid driving or walking over this area as much as possible to keep the soil and snow from getting compacted too tightly.

4. Your Tank Won’t Pump Properly

Winter weather can make it more difficult to pump your septic tank due to hard, frozen ground and snow on your lawn. While you can maintain your septic system during the winter, it’s certainly much more difficult. Make sure you have your tank pumped before winter just to be sure it’s able to handle things before the ground begins to freeze. This will help you avoid excess maintenance through the winter season.

5. Holiday Guests

With the holiday season comes more use of laundry, showers, and sinks. In some cases, your holiday guests may not be familiar with septic systems and might accidentally flush items down the toilet they shouldn’t. This can result in damage to the system. Avoid this problem by making sure you stagger tasks like doing laundry and taking showers in order to avoid using too much water at one time. Remind your guests about your septic system so they know what they can and cannot flush.

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