Can My Septic Tank Be Inspected In The Winter?

It’s extremely important that you maintain your septic system all year round, but the winter months can be especially hard on your tank and system. Cold weather can present a whole new set of problems that you might not have to face during the warmer spring and summer seasons. You can always get a septic inspection during winter, but the process may be a bit more difficult and potentially more expensive than during other times of the year.

Be Prepared

If you want to avoid septic system problems altogether, it’s a good idea to have your tank cleaned and pumped before winter starts. This will help remove accumulated waste and debris, resulting in a more smoothly-operating system. Cleaning and pumping the tank can also prevent it from freezing, so it’s a good idea to have this done before the cold sets in. Ideally, you should have your septic system inspected during the fall so you can avoid any unforeseen issues when the cold of winter sets in.

Getting an Inspection

Most septic system companies are more than happy to perform an inspection of your tank and system during any time of the year. It’s important to make sure their trucks can access the location of your system. Clear the roads for them so it’s easier for their maintenance staff to gain access safely. If the ground is covered with snow or ice, it might be more difficult for them to reach the system. Make sure the tank is not filled to capacity or else it might result in burst pipes and frozen waste, meaning you’ll probably have to pay for repairs in addition to the inspection.

Potential Issues

Since the ground tends to harden and freeze during winter, there may be a few extra problems in terms of inspecting your septic system during winter. The inspection company will check for issues like leaks, the overall condition of your tank, and will verify that your system and tank are functioning at their full capacity. If any digging needs to be done, it might be more laborious for septic system maintenance companies to get through frozen ground. Make sure you only hire a licensed inspector so you can be sure they’re following proper and safe protocols. They will let you know if they run into any serious problems that might possibly prevent an inspection from occurring.

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