Drain Field Remediation

drain fields remediation

To understand the importance of drain field remediation, you must understand the importance of your drain field first. Also called the leach field, your drain field allows wastewater to pass through your septic tank and into the ground. This might seem dangerous, as wastewater is considered an environmental hazard, but the drain field also produces bacteria that treat the wastewater to make it safe for ground absorption. Rooter Express NC installs, maintains, and repairs septic system drain fields, and you can count on us to keep yours working properly.

Common Issues

Those who aren’t attached to a city sewer system must find ways to remove waste from their homes safely and effectively. Enter septic systems. When you flush your toilet, for example, the water and waste flow through your plumbing to your septic tank. The waste sinks into the tank and the water passes through to the drain field. The drain field is made up of perforated pipes that treat the water and allow it to seep into the soil.

The most common issue leach fields face is clogs. All water that drains from your home enters into the septic system. It isn’t just your toilet. Common things that clog drain fields include hair and oil. These things aren’t always heavy enough to sink into the septic tank, and the drain field lines can clog if they build up inside of them. If your septic tank is compromised, it can also release solids into the drain field, which will clog it as well.

Reduced Effectiveness

If your leach field clogs, the most dangerous concern is it will dry up. The bacteria inside the leach field must remain wet in order to survive. If they die, they will not treat your wastewater properly, which will, in turn, introduce contaminated water into your ground soil. If the contaminated water builds up, you’re facing a huge mess, not to mention a costly environmental cleanup that will haunt you for years to come.

Avoid This!

The good news is you can avoid this. With regular drain field maintenance, Rooter Express NC can determine whether there is an issue with your leach lines and repair or replace them before it’s too late. We are located in Concord, NC, but we service nearly all of North Carolina. If you notice grass, weeds, or other plant life grows much hardier over your leach field, or if the ground is always wet, call us right away at Charlotte: 704-800-3140, Raleigh: 919-823-6319. These are signs of an issue.

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