Emergency Septic Services

emergency servicesMost homeowners do not consider their septic tank until there is a backup that requires emergency septic services. Rooter Express Charlotte specializes in providing septic services to homeowners 24×7. Septic problems often arise at the most inconvenient times, as a result, Rooter Express is committed to helping homeowners, regardless of the time of day.

If you are facing any of the problems outlined below, be sure to contact our septic team for immediate help.

  1. Are you smelling a foul odor in your yard, near your septic drain field?
  2. Are your toilets flushing more slowly?
  3. Is there a foul odor coming out of your toilets?
  4. Has septic effluent flowed back into your home?
  5. Waste is draining slowly or not at all?
  6. Is there a pump alarm or a pump failure that you are being notified about?
  7. Are large-volume releases (e.g. washing machine) causing an overflow above your septic tank, leach field or drain field?

While the above-mentioned problems can cause significant fear among homeowners, we can help eliminate the problem, and provide peace of mind that it will not occur again. There are times when a septic tank has a problem that it is signaling a larger problem hidden within the septic tank, such as a broken t, or roots within your tank, or a blockage.

When Rooter Express goes to your home our septic professionals will uncover your tank and system and provide an analysis of what might be occurring. During this process, our team will show you different problems that your system might be facing. After showing you the system, we will pump the system, and then show you the system after the pump is complete. Throughout this process, we will work to ensure you have total understanding in regards to your system, so you are able to make a solid decision on how to proceed with servicing your septic system.

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