How To Reduce Bacteria In My Septic Tank?

Your septic tank is filled with billions of microscopic bacteria that work together to break down waste and debris. Ideally, the temperature inside your tank should stay above 40 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the proper balance. These bacteria consist of two main types: aerobic and anaerobic. Both work in different ways and require different levels of oxygen to survive. In order to reduce bacteria that is harmful to your septic tank, there are several things you can do to ensure that the balance is properly maintained.

Avoid Using Toxic Household Chemicals

When you use common household cleaners, it can really upset the balance in your tank and create too much of the bacteria you don’t want. This type of bacteria will kill the good kind, and it’s usually due to solutions like liquid bleach, many types of disinfectants, and even drain cleaners. Do not dump these products down the drain as they can wreak havoc inside your tank. Other culprits include insecticides, paint thinners, and non-bio degradable detergents. Even some prescription drugs like antibiotics can kill off your septic tank’s good bacteria.

Watch for Antibacterial Products

While using antibacterial items in your home is a great way to combat dangerous germs, it’s not a good idea to use them in your septic tank. These types of cleaners don’t know the difference between the bacteria on your hands or in the sink and the type that lives in your septic tank. If you use antibacterial hand soaps, it can create a problem by slowing down the growth of healthy anaerobic bacteria that live in your tank. This form of bacteria is necessary to prevent the buildup of sludge and scum. When that builds up, you’ll need to have your tank pumped more frequently.

Beware of Additives

While it’s long been a rule of thumb that various treatments and enzyme activators can help your septic tank, the EPA says that they are not recommended. These additives usually contain a variety of yeast, bacteria, and enzymes that are supposed to help promote good bacteria and combat the bad. However, some experts say these additives to reduce bacteria are not necessary and can actually cause more harm than good. Let your septic tank operate the way it is supposed to naturally, and it should stay free from clogs and excess buildup.

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