Is It Okay To Build Over A Septic Tank?

If you use a septic system, any landscaping or outdoor projects should be planned with care, since building on or near important septic components could lead to disaster. So, before you design a new deck, patio or retaining wall, read on to learn why building over a septic tank is never a good idea.

The Anatomy of a Septic System

Today’s septic systems contain four major parts: a pipe leading from the home to the tank, the septic tank, drain field (also known as a leach field), and the soil around the drain field. The pipe delivers waste water from your home to the tank. In the tank, contaminates get removed before the liquid releases into the drain field and wastewater contaminates become absorbed by surrounding soil. By design, this system makes any surrounding construction tricky.

Building on Top of a Septic Tank

As a part requiring regular maintenance and pumping, a septic tank should always be accessible. If a structure sits on top of it, technicians would have difficulty thoroughly inspecting or servicing the tank. Not to mention, any weight can compromise a tank’s function. While some homeowners try to get around this issue by installing removable boards or trapdoors on top of their tank to provide access, industry experts advise against this strategy.

Building on Top of a Drain Field

Since the drain field’s primary responsibility is water absorption, the ground in this area should be treated with care and respect. As with a septic tank, any weight on this zone can strain and damage this indispensable component. In fact, certain root systems negatively affect the underground, so even the landscaping must be cautiously arranged (anything other than short grass can encroach and compromise drain field performance).

In addition, crews need to evaluate the drain field regularly along with other parts of the system. If anything obstructs access or viewing capabilities, maintaining this region becomes more difficult.

More than anything, your septic system features handle waste, so if any part has trouble functioning well, you risk discharging noxious odors into the surrounding air, a situation that wouldn’t bode well for anyone. Besides, any area meant to absorb sewage water isn’t ideal for outdoor entertaining, so a patio or deck might be better suited elsewhere.

For help installing, maintaining, or repairing your septic system in the Charlotte or Concord areas, remember to call Rooter Express NC today.

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