Preparing Your Septic System for Summer

Summer activities can negatively-affect your septic tank. Unfortunately, long afternoons cooking out with the family mean the last thing you want is septic system distress (more people means increased need). To keep waste management in check and ensure your season goes off without a hitch, prioritize regular maintenance and seasonal prevention. Here are a few key things you can do to prep your septic system for a high-performance summer.

Beware What You Flush

As a conscientious septic system user, you already know only to flush waste and toilet paper. However, it never hurts to remind young visitors (and wayward older ones) that no sanitary products, paper towels, garbage or food should see the inside of a toilet bowl.

Don’t Drive or Park on Lawns

Your septic area (including the drain field) is sacred ground. Although guests might need extra parking space, this region is off limits. In fact, go-carts, dirt bikes, or other wheeled transportation mechanisms should stay off the zone, as well. Especially when the ground is wet, any disturbance can damage the septic line.

Limit Water Use

If you have summertime visitors, more water will get used. There’s no way around it. You can find ways to give the system a break, however. For example, do the family’s laundry before guests come to call, and let them dominate the laundry room. You can also update lawn irrigation equipment and improve watering efficiency. Every step taken to conserve water helps your system stay strong.

Watch Out for Standing Water

Above-ground pools (including kiddie pools), slip n slides, sprinkler parties and other outdoor water facilities can lead to standing water in the drain field area. But if the drain field stays soggy for long enough, it can damage the system. When planning summer activities, make sure they stay a solid distance away from your septic system. In that same vein, drain above ground pools responsibly.

Bottom Line

It’s never convenient for your septic system to fail, but summertime activities would definitely be hampered by caustic odors and an unusable waste disposal system. To make sure everything’s in working order, it never hurts to schedule maintenance before the heat wave comes to town. Professionals can evaluate and clean your system, ensuring months of summer fun and festivity.

For help installing, maintaining, or repairing your septic system in the Charlotte or Concord areas, remember to call Rooter Express NC at 919-823-6319 today.

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