Expert Septic Tank Inspection and Pumping

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Your septic tank is basically a sludge holder. What isn’t water drops down into your tank for storage until it gets pumped out. Certain things should never go down into the septic tank, such as non-septic safe toilet tissue because these cannot be pumped from the tank. Non-pump items reduce your tank’s holding capacity and safety. Rooter Express NC in Concord, NC, are experts at removing the sludge from a septic tank. We offer more services than just pumping, but pumping is our most requested call. When called, we will inspect your entire septic system to ensure there is nothing of concern, and then we’ll pump your tank to empty it completely – provided there isn’t anything in there that shouldn’t be that cannot be pumped.

Service Duration

Most septic experts agree that a septic tank should be pumped every three years, but the duration really depends on you. If you have a huge household that flushes the toilets all day and night, you might need your tank pumped every one to two years to remove the sludge buildup. If it’s just you or you and your spouse, you may be able to go as long as five years between pumps. The point is you shouldn’t put off this service. Not only does a pump visit give us a chance to give your entire system the once-over, it also prevents backup or overflow which could damage the rest of your septic system. In the case of a septic tank, prevention is the best medicine.

Preventative Maintenance

Speaking of prevention, make certain you take care of your tank to extend the time between service visits. Flush enzymes down your toilet once a month to eat away at the sludge in your tank. Also, be careful of what you allow down the toilets and drains. Items sink into your tank, so if your toddler flushes a toy down the toilet, for example, chances are if it makes it through the plumbing it’ll land in your tank. Treat your septic tank with plenty of TLC to reduce required maintenance. Our technicians can give you additional tips during their service visit.

Call Us Today to Schedule a Visit

Even if you take excellent care of your septic system, it still requires regular service visits. Give us a call at Charlotte: 704-800-3140, Raleigh: 919-823-6319 to schedule a service technician. Rooter Express NC in Concord, NC, services nearly all of North Carolina, and we’d be happy to come out to your home and discuss a septic system service plan that is right for you. Contact us today.

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