Sewer Cleaning

sewer cleaning

Whether routine maintenance or an emergency, Rooter Express NC is here to keep your sewer line intact. Your sewer line is the pipe that transports waste from your home to the city’s sewage system. It can become clogged or tree roots can damage it. Either way, we will repair or replace the line to ensure everything flows away from your home rather than backs up into it.

Clog Causes

One of the most common culprits behind a sewer line clog is grease. It could be cooking oil, motor oil, or some other oily substance that makes its way into your plumbing system. Even some of your households cleaners may have oil in them, and if you flush the dirty mess in the bucket down the toilet once done, you’ve just introduced that substance into your sewer line.

Other common clogging materials include dirt and debris, hair, personal and household cleaners, food, leaves, roots, and even things you never thought would end up down the drain or toilet such as cloth, cotton balls, toys, or heaven knows what else if you have a toddler in the home! A clogged sewer line can become your worst nightmare, but we’re here to wake you up.

Keep it Clean

Your vehicle requires regular oil changes to keep the engine clean and the same applies to your sewer line. Call us and let us come to your home to inspect your line and determine its best maintenance schedule. Once we’ve confirmed how often it should be cleaned based on its age, size, and your household habits, we will clean it quickly and easily each time to prevent clogs.

We have the best equipment for this task. We will scope your sewer line with a camera to determine if there are any clogs, leaks, or other issues. This optical equipment allows us to see your line from the inside all the way to the city’s sewage system. If everything looks good, we’ll scour the line to remove any residual buildup. If there’s a problem, we’ll fix it for you.

We’re More Than Septic System Experts

Rooter Express NC in Concord, NC, knows sewer line clogs. We know what causes them, we know how to find them, and we know how to fix them. We work hard to ensure our customers trust our reliable work time and time again, so please call us today at Charlotte: 704-800-3140, Raleigh: 919-823-6319 to schedule your sewer line inspection and cleaning. We won’t rest until your sewer line is spotless.

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