Should I Use A Bacteria Additive Products

If you have a septic system, you’re probably familiar with several brands of bacteria additive products marketed to help your system run smoothly. These additives supposedly help to eliminate or reduce the number of solids that are being held inside your tank, preventing too much buildup. The truth is, with regular inspections and pumping, your septic system should last for a long time without the help of any extra additives. Read on to learn more about septic systems and why these additives are not really necessary.

The Inner Workings of a Septic System

The tank of your septic system holds solids and wastewater, allowing them to be treated and preventing them from coming into your home. The tank receives all water and solids which helps them separate thanks to the help of tiny microorganisms. When the wastewater and solids separate, it creates three layers. The first layer is fat or grease, the second layer is clear wastewater, and the bottom layer is solid waste. Anaerobic bacteria can live without air, and they are naturally added to your tank whenever wastewater enters the drain. These bacteria separate and then break down any solids, although regularly pumping is also recommended.

About Additives

Additives come in a variety of formats and can include bleach, drain cleaners, or disinfectants. These additives may kill off any healthy bacteria that live in your septic tank, creating a potentially serious problem. These additives may also interfere with the solids’ ability to settle in the tank. Since most additives contain corrosive matter like sulfuric acid, they can harm the bacteria in your tank as well as create potential structural damage to the tank and your pipes. Some brands claim they can control odor, but these usually contain formaldehyde and other ingredients that will actually poison the bacteria in your system.

While many septic system additives claim to help your system run better, the truth is that they should be avoided. Too many bacteria additive products in your tank can cause the entire system to malfunction. Your best bet is to continue to use your septic system as normal and have regular inspections and pumping to ensure that it’s in good working order. Don’t fall prey to any claims or advertising that says additives will help. If you’re in doubt, contact the pros at Rooter Express NC for expert advice.

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