My Pipes Are Starting To Drain Very Slowly Is It The Septic System

If you’ve started to notice slow draining pipes in your sinks and shower, it could be something minor, or it could be a serious problem. If the water is draining without backing up into the sink, tub, or shower, you should have it examined by a professional before the issue gets more serious. Sometimes, you may only notice a slow drain in one area of the home. This could be an indication that one particular pipe or drain is simply clogged with excess debris like hair or soap scum. So, can slowly draining pipes be related to your septic system? Read on to find out more.

Common Causes

If you’ve discovered that your slow drain is simply caused by debris, you have little to worry about. A simple clear of the clog should remedy the issue. But if your drains are slow-going even without clogs, you may need to have your water lines augured and cleared. A professional plumber uses a special mechanical device that is fed into your drain and rotated using an electric motor. As the device spins, it breaks up any blockages that are inside the drain. A high-pressure water jet tool can also be used, and it scrubs the inside of your pipes to remove all excess hair, soap scum, and other nasty debris.

Other Drainage Problems

If you notice that your main lines are slow to drain and are producing awful smells or a gurgling sound, it could be a much more expensive problem. In most cases, main drain blockages are a result of the main sewer line becoming plugged up. This can cause the lines to back-flow and actually flood your home with sewer water! If you have a septic system and this is happening, the cause is very similar. For septic system owners, these symptoms usually indicate that your tank needs to be pumped out. While this isn’t always the main cause or solution, it’s likely what will be needed to fix the problem.

Pay close attention to all the drains in your home and watch for any potential issues with draining speeds. With slow draining pipes it’s always best to have these problems corrected and fixed sooner rather than later. If you let it go on too long, your septic or sewer system will continue to back up until it comes back into your house, and no one wants that!

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